New scientific findings regarding the HCV treatment

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major medical challenge in Egypt. As new drugs have recently been to the market, monitoringtheir long term efficacy within the Egyptian population becomes important. Zewail City final year PhD student,Walaa Allam, and her colleagues at the Center of Genomics through an extensive 3-year study in collaboration with colleagues at Cairo University Medical School made the observations that the anti-HCV drug, sofosbuvir, is highly effective in eradicating HCV virus but unable to permanently correct the adverse virus associated immunological manifestations with evidence of increased genomic instability. These findings has been peer reviewed and published in EBiomedicine in a joint endeavor between the Lancet and Cell.


These findings prompt the medical community for the need of long-term follow up and patient stratifications (personalized medicine), despite efficient viral clearance.


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