Student Clubs

The university aims to create, develop and provide cultural and social activities for its students to enhance their educational and personal development.

The Student Affairs Office is continuously working on providing opportunities for students to develop their leadership and social skills as well as their individual responsibility through participation in student activities and organizations. The office carries out recreation programs and services, works with students to develop arts and various cultural programs and advises the student government.

The student union is a key player in shaping campus activities and helps develop students' sense of social responsibility. Various student organizations exist under the umbrella of the student union.

Part of the plan is to establish clubs that simulate real life situations as well as entities such as the International Conference for Global Economy (ICGE), Model United Nations (MUN), AIESEC internships abroad, and Model Arab League (MAL).

Bio Club:

The main objective of Bio Club is to foster interest in the biological sciences at UST and to inspire camaraderie between students interested in the biological science majors.

Drug Design Club:

The club aims at finding new medications based on the knowledge of a biological target. Each year, the club organizes a Biomedical International Conference to discuss the latest researches and topics in the drug design field.


EUROAVIA is the European Association of Aerospace Studentsthat aims to promote European cooperation in the aerospace field by providing opportunities for our members to meet, exchange and learn on all levels. 


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world’s largest professional technical society devoted to the advancement of technology. The ZC Chapter of IEEE is devoted to serving the students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

Mathholic Club:

This Math Club is an extracurricular organization at ZC. Our philosophy is that anyone with any level of interest in mathematics should have the opportunity to share their interest with like-minded peers. For this reason, Math Club membership is open to all students.  

Nano Tech Club

The prime objective of the club is to make the students familiar with the emerging concepts of nano-science and nanotechnology for engineering applications. As nanotechnology is highly interdisciplinary, it provides a wide scope for research in all branches of science and engineering. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to participate in the ongoing innovative projects especially designed for them by the departments of Physics & Chemistry.

Philosophy Club ZC

Philosophy club is a fun and academically enriching organization formed by students taking philosophy course and students from many different disciplines. The club meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month, and faculty speakers are featured at most meetings.

Physics Club

The purpose of the Physics Club is to create a community among physics majors, minors, and masters’ students. Our area of interest is physics.

Ranikma  رانيكمه

A student club concerned with the Arabic language, spreading literary awareness on campus through its special journal and workshops.

Renewable Energy Club

REC aims at creating awareness in renewable energy among the campus and beyond the boundaries. The REC Club aims to increase interest in the Renewable Energy Industry including wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, hydro, geothermal, energy efficiency and sustainability, provide opportunities to learn about Renewable Energy in an enjoyable way by organizing trips to various Renewable Energy locations and conventions.

Cultural activities are of paramount importance for students’ intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and aesthetic development. Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Energetic, Positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of cultural activities.

Listed below are the entities that represent the university’s cultural activities.

Art Club

The mission of the Art club is to encourage and empower ZC students to use their artistic talent, gift or passion in promoting the cause of contemporary social issues.

Arabic Club

The club aims to expose the ZC community to the Arabic language and culture in addition to bringing together students with a similar interest in language. The Arabic Club provides opportunities for students to enhance their Arabic language skills, with a particular focus on speaking.

Chess Club

The Chess Club works on promoting chess within the University. From absolute beginners to international masters, the club encourages participation by players at all levels and offers a friendly, constructive and social platform for chess enthusiasts.

LYM ZC (League of Young Masters)

It aims to raise environmental awareness among youth, encourage scientific thinking and youth engagement, promote distance and self-learning, and encourage team work.

Music Club

The Music Club at UST is a club that brings together enrolled students of ZC who genuinely enjoy music. It also organizes events for students and the community to be able to express themselves.

Table Tennis Team

Table Tennis is one of the fastest growing clubs in the Athletic Union. We range from complete beginners up to international players.

Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo Club provides students of all experience levels an opportunity to learn and improve their Taekwondo skills. The club provides a fun environment to learn self-defense, kicking and sparring techniques, and the traditions of Taekwondo.

ZC Cycling Team

ZC Cycling team is an organization dedicated to encouraging the enjoyment of all types of cycling in the ZC community. We welcome members of the ZC community and friends to most of our club events such as group rides, classes, and community service.

ZC Freshman 101

The First Year Experience Club is designed to bring first-year students together to create an enhanced and stimulating atmosphere on campus through the development of a service-learning culture. FYE works to develop the relationship between campus life and first year students.

ZC Runners

The ZC Running Club is a means for all of ZC community to come together and share a love of running. It is low pressure and flexible, with members showing up when they have the time and often planning runs of their own.

ZC Soccer Club

To provide the opportunity to play and watch soccer to the ZC community and to facilitate a fun, competitive and social club.

ZC Zone – Motion Graphics Workshop

ZC Zone Club aims to increase student awareness about computer graphics workshops especially video making, Photoshop, webpage layout.

127 Club

The main objective of 127 club is to encourage students to get involved in student life on campus through weekly student activities. The Club will give the student the chance to express their daily events and student newspaper that is published each semester. 

Community service is one way students can channel their energy to benefit our communities, institution, and themselves. Providing much-needed resources and services to our communities is one way students can learn essential intangible leadership skills such as persuasion and mediation. By doing so, they will also gain business domain specific knowledge that will prove to be an invaluable asset to future employability, in addition to adding value to communities that are in need of such services.

The Student Affairs Office will work closely with existing and future clubs, community organizations, corporate entities, NGOs and nonprofit organizations, in alignment with the university’s mission, to facilitate the creation of the community services that will add value to our communities, institution and students.

Current community service clubs:

Khair Club

Khair Club is one of the student organizations that started the community service activities on campus to spread the community service spirit among students by collecting donations for orphans, hospitals, Ramadan package and the urban areas in Egypt.

ZC ENACTUS: Entrepreneurial Action in Us

ZC ENACTUS is an international, non-profit community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

ZC Life Makers

Life Makers is a nonprofit organization which aims to develop our society through empowering youth by raising and strengthening their capabilities. Life Makers works in the fields of health, employment, education and drugs through its main projects and activities.


ZC TEDEX Club aims to bring students together from various backgrounds to share experiences, thoughts and subjects of their interest with the student body. We encourage stimulating talks from a range of topics not limited to science, politics, business, technology, entertainment, psychology, design, art and more. TEDEX Club further facilitates opportunities for students to share their stories on a public platform and simultaneously brings new innovative ideas to the floor.


Ihsan’s mission is to spread community service awareness, develop social relationships between students and connect the City's community with the society outside the City.


Just about any aspect of our modern lives is influenced directly by a code; today almost every medium to large-sized company either has a team of developers or has to hire developers to do jobs for them. The real benefit of learning how to program is being able to automate simple tasks and find new ways to solve problems. Learning programming is all about learning how to take complex problems and break them down into smaller parts. This trains your mind to think about problems in a different way.


Entrepreneurship is important for the development of society and the futility of the research. So we aim at developing a generation of leaders who combine creativity with ethics and values and those who are able to contribute to the society and achieve their personal success. This can be reached by the utilization of available resources, new research and possible opportunities.

Microsoft Tech Club

Microsoft Tech Club is a student activity organized by Microsoft student partners under the supervision of Microsoft. This activity aims to increase the knowledge of students by providing them with essential training and interpersonal skills and to be there for any kind of support needed, whether it is technical or non-technical.

Puzzle Club

The club aims to upgrade students’ critical thinking level in a fun and enjoyable way through some advanced puzzles.


We believe that the most effective way to convince someone with a new idea is to deliver it through a funny content. So we will use our sense of humor through plays, videos, shows, etc. to spread our ideas and to benefit our community.


Clubs Contact Information

Enactus Zewail City
IEEE Zewail City Student Branch
Music Club
Flight Club
Puzzle Club
Art Club
Book Club
Loghatna (Arabic Club)
Nanotechnology Club
Renewable Energy Club
Astronomy Club
Zewail City Life Makers