Zewail City provides the housing service at its premises, the Student Affairs department will provide assistance to students seeking accommodation. Guidance will be provided, especially to students from governorates outside of greater Cairo, to find accommodation at specially negotiated prices.

Visit the Student Affairs office for more information. 

One Night to 7 Nights 165 EGP/Night
8 Nights to 14 Nights 135 EGP/Night
15 Nights to 21 Nights 100 EGP/Night
22 Nights to 30 Nights 85 EGP/Night
One Month 2,550 EGP
Two Months 4,000 EGP
Three Months 5,500 EGP
Four Months 7,000 EGP
Teaching & Research Assistant 190 EGP/Night
Zewail City Faculty and Staff

300 EGP/Night

5,000 EGP/Month

Non-Zewail City Faculty, VIP Visitors 550 EGP/Night
  • For Non-Egyptian Students, the housing fees are subject to 50% increase on the above fees.
  • These prices are valid from 01, July 2021, to 30, June 2022