Counseling and Mentoring

Experienced counselors are available at the University of Science and Technology to help students through times of personal crisis. They will perform assessments on students in need of counseling and subsequently determine the services that will best assist them.

These services include: psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, academic skills assessment, support groups, assessment and treatment for alcohol and/or drug abuse, referrals, emergency intervention, and health promotion and wellness programs.

The mentoring program is currently carried out by student volunteers. However, in the upcoming years the process will be organized by the Office of Student Affairs to enrich students’ university experience.

The university is in the process of implementing a mentoring program that will provide an opportunity for students to connect one-on-one with our excellent instructors, advisors and faculty members; in addition to peer-mentors to help develop skills that serves our students in their personal lives as well as academic and professional careers.