Corporate Relations

CATS office succeeded in creating strong connections with different industrial and scientific entities.

1-  Internship program

CATS office helps in identifying the best matching students from Zewail City for the corporate internship program. This allows the corporate to test the capabilities of ZC students and to secure the flow of talent into their recruitment pipeline 

CATS team help senior students in finding relevant internship opportunities and follow up with the students and employers to get their feedback. Our objective is to find opportunities to at least 60% of senior students. For the past three years, we succeeded in helping more than 75%  of senior students in finding internship opportunities in Egypt and other countries.


2-  Part-Time and Full-time Job opportunities

ZC CATS support the HR and Talent Acquisition departments in the industrial corporates to find the best calibres for the vacancies. CATS team share the opportunities and help in screening and offering shortlist for potential candidates.

For the past three years, CATS office shared more than 500 job opportunity for our ZC graduates.


3-  Career Mart

Corporates are allowed to conduct info sessions about their field of industry. These sessions help in promoting the organization and in raising the students’ awareness about the possible career opportunities. Average of 6 career marts are conducted per year. Throughout the past three years total of 16 career marts were conducted   included: El Sewedy Electric, Ezz steel, Shell Egypt, Envision, TARIEK incubation, Tutorama, Egypt Air, Oracle, Metalab, Wadi Environmental Science Center, Integral for environmental Consulting Tagaddod for biodiesel Production, Promech, Life Technologies for Biomedical services, Ejada ..etc