Zewail City organizes the Second Career Fair

April 28th, 2018, Zewail City organizes the second career fair to connect the students with the market, the event was organized by the Career Advising and Counseling Committee at Zewail City.

The event aims at helping young students empowering their skills with the market needed skills with the participation of many organizations' representatives.

More than 40 leading companies participated in the event, including 160 representatives from different departments, in order to provide job opportunities and training for more than 850 young students specializing in science and engineering graduates from Egyptian universities and public and private institutes.

Zewail City of Science and Technology is an innovative, non-profit, innovative research educational institution whose strategy is to build a new generation of leaders and scientists capable of influencing and transforming society and bringing the new ground to the cutting edge of modern science. The University, the Distinguished Research Institutes, the Technology Pyramid, the Academy, and the Center for Strategic Studies. Has been able to register so far more than 512 scientific research in various fields of research in addition to the registration of 12 patents in the health and environment, which is a record compared to any other university.