Zewail City Luminary Dr. Salah Obayya is Recognized by the largest professional society as the foremost pioneer of photonics

In a significant stride towards academic excellence, Zewail City proudly announces the distinguished achievement of Dr. Salah Obayya, a visionary force in the realm of photonics research and development. His exceptional contributions to the field have not only been recognized but also celebrated by the renowned Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


At the forefront of a recent IEEE feature article titled "Globalization in Photonics Research and Development," Prof. Obayya emerges as a key figure, recognized for his groundbreaking work in computational photonics. This esteemed profile showcases his 30 years of pioneering research, blending modern computational modeling and artificial intelligence techniques to comprehend and address intricate nanophotonic structures and devices.


The article highlights his profound impact across various domains, including optical communications, plasmonics, and metamaterials. The culmination of his efforts has rightfully earned him an award from the esteemed IEEE Society, a testament to his brilliance and dedication.


Professor Obayya, the Director-General of Research at Zewail City, the Founding Director of the Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM), and an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham stands as an esteemed member of the Zewail City community. His journey reflects the vision and values instilled by the late Dr. Ahmed Zewail, whom he reveres as a role model.


This achievement stands as a beacon of success, symbolizing the continuous dedication of Zewail City's faculty to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making impactful contributions to their respective fields. The entire Zewail City community congratulates Prof. Salah Obayya for this well-deserved recognition, further solidifying the institution's commitment to excellence and innovation.