Professor Obayya announced the winner of the 2023 OPTICA award

OPTICA (formerly known as Optical Society of America) announced Professor Salah Obayya; Director General of Research (DGR), Director of Zewail City’s Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM) and former Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs, winner of the  2023 Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition award.

The award comes in recognition of Obayya’s impactful leadership, rooted in equity and inclusivity, fostering diversity and empowering individuals, especially women, from diverse African backgrounds in the photonics field.

As a distinguished figure in the field of photonics, specializing in advancing computational modeling techniques for photonic devices, Obayya has made profound impact on promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Currently, he holds position as Chair of UNESCO for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Development in Africa, in addition to “Fellow” of esteemed organizations including OPTICA, IEEE, APS, and IOP, for his contributions to research and his dedication to advancing photonics research.

OPTICA, formerly known as Optical Society of America, is a global society dedicated to promoting the generation, application, and dissemination of knowledge in the field of optics and photonics. The Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition award serves to acknowledge initiatives and achievements within our community that contribute to greater appreciation and advancement of diversity and inclusivity.