Nature Middle East Highlights Study Published by Center for Fundamental Physics

A new study, published in the journal Physical Review D and conducted by Dr. Shaaban Khalil, director of the Center for Fundamental Physics, and Mohammed Hemeda, a masters student at the same center, in collaboration with Dr. Stefano Moretti from the University of Southampton in the UK, has been highlighted by Nature Middle East (NME).

In the study titled Light Chargino Effects onto Hγγ in the MSSM, the researchers studied the results from the Large Hydron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), to investigate the effect of charingos, small light particles from supersymmetry, on the field produced by the Higgs boson. They found that the decay rate of the Higgs boson into photons was enhanced by the presence of the charingos, supporting the idea of supersymmetry.

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