For the Second Consecutive Year: OPTICA selects Obayya as a Member of their Award and Honors Committees

OPTICA, formerly known as the Optical Society of America, selected Professor Salah Obayya, Zewail City’ Director General of Research, Founder and Director of Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM), and the former Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs, as a jury member of their Award and Honors Committees for the second consecutive year.
The OPTICA awards hold a great significance in the field of optics and photonics. Membership of this committee is a prestigious recognition reserved for a very selective group of globally distinguished professors who have achieved world-class technical, industrial, and entrepreneurial contributions to the field of photonics.
This selection reflects Professor Obayya's outstanding research contributions and his leadership roles within academic institutions, and it highlights his significant impact on the future of the field, with the potential to inspire the next generation of innovators.