Dr. Sameh Ali to deliver lecture at Cairo University’s Science Day

Dr. Sameh Ali, director of the Center for Aging and Associated Diseases (CAAD), was invited to deliver a lecture on Wednesday, 17 April, at Cairo University’s Science Day titled “Research: Towards a better Future!”. The event was organized by the university’s Faculty of Physical Therapy, with the aim of increasing students and faculty awareness and understanding of the importance of research to clinicians.

During his lecture titled “the role of mitochondria in muscle physiology and pathology and ways to study it”, Ali introduced the general structure of Zewail City and the Helmy Institute for Medical Sciences and discussed the latest research being performed at the CAAD. Ali also discussed the latest technologies available at the CAAD for probing muscle performance at the cellular level. He discussed how muscle efficiency can be predicted through the measurement of mitochondrial metabolic activities and free radical leakage. He also touched on potential collaborative efforts with Cairo University.