Zewail City Science Festival 2022

It’s that time of the year! Behold, as we present the biggest science festival in Egypt: Zewail City Science Festival. (ZCSF) is an annual science communication and arts event held in Zewail City. ZCSF started in 2014 to provide a professional science fair in which everyone can participate.


Each year, ZCSF comes out with a brand new theme for the event. This year’s theme is "Embracing The Change". It is the desire that brought about many scientific breakthroughs that eased off our lives and made it feasible for us to revel in! It is the ambition that made Rutherford refute Bohr’s model of the atom; the aspiration of Einstein to theorize the duality nature of light, and the yearning of Ahmed Zewail to discover the mechanism of atoms during chemical reactions and make a boom in the chemical industry field!


“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same”


This year’s festival will comprise 4 consecutive days, all of which will have fully-fledged shows, talks, and discussion panels. All of them will discuss different scientific or humanitarian topics, such as Physics, Biology, Philosophy, Economy, etc.


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If you have any inquiries or issues, do not hesitate to send us a WhatsApp message through this number: https://wa.me/201013895637