Undergraduate Academic Programs

School of Engineering (ENGR)

Programs offered by the School of Engineering (ENGR) emphasize hands-on experience, innovation, soft skills, and multidisciplinary education to help graduates cope with the progressively competitive and dynamic professional environment. Program courses have integrated experimental and/or design elements. All ENGR programs culminate in a two-semester senior design project in which students, working in small groups, demonstrate their mastery of the required engineering competencies and the design process. Furthermore, ENGR programs have courses that tackle complex engineering problems which involve wide-ranging and conflicting technical issues, address problems not encompassed by current standards and codes, involve diverse groups of stakeholders, and include many component parts or sub-problems.

The UST School of Engineering currently offers the following academic programs:


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School of Computational Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI)

The School of Computational Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) is aiming to offer a unique addition to computational sciences education in Egypt. The integration of analytics as a core competency throughout the study at this school will add a unique advantage to its students. Analytics and data mining is transforming the tools of the trade for most academic and industrial fields of practice. Students at this school will master all the aspects of these tools and utilize them extensively in their studies.

CSAI currently offers the following three programs:


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School of Science (SCI)

Programs offered by the UST School of Science (SCI) provide graduates with an ability to identify, formulate, and solve technical and scientific problems; develop and conduct experiments and test hypotheses; analyze and interpret data; and assess the impact of technical and scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts.

UST SCI programs emphasize experiential learning, effective communication, teamwork, management skills, and multidisciplinarity. All UST SCI programs culminate in a capstone project in which students demonstrate their ability to formulate a system, process, procedure, or program to meet desired needs.

The UST School of Science currently offers the following programs:


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School of Business (BUS)

The UST School of Business is the newest major pillar of Zewail City’s mission for establishing the Sustainable Knowledge Society in Egypt and fulfilling the vision of our Founder the late Dr. Ahmed Zewail.

The world is witnessing a revolution in economics and finance that is shifting the traditional view of natural and physical resources utilized to fuel growth to a mix of environmental and electronic assets harmonized towards sustainable and equitable societies. Zewail City UST has been pioneering research-led education in Engineering and Science Programs in Egypt for the past several years. Additionally, sustainable development is now recognized as a matter of survival for our planet. Environmental stewardship towards a world where all future generations have the same opportunity to live and prosper as our generation. Data analytics using machine learning and deep learning has taken a pervasive role in transforming all aspects of fields such as technology, healthcare and education, just to name a few. These tools are no longer a branch of study on their own, but rather need to form a core competency for all graduates in all the programs in the UST School of Business.

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The UST School of Business currently offers the following programs:


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