Renewable Energy Engineering

The renewable energy (REE) major is a five year program aiming at educating engineers to acquire the necessary competencies to design, build and operate the green energy infrastructure. The program begins by building, for the first five semesters after the foundation year, a solid grounding in engineering fundamentals, comprising elements from material, mechanical, thermal, and electrical engineering. This is followed by three semesters of advanced engineering courses that cover: concentrating solar energy (CSP), photovoltaic systems (PV), wind energy (WE), energy storage, and integration with the electric grid. All courses will have an integrated experimental and/or design elements. Taken together these courses will provide the students with strong theoretical and practical training enabling them to devise effective solutions for the generation, distribution, and utilization of green energy for grid-connected and off-grid applications. The major culminates in a two- semester graduation project where students, working in small groups, demonstrate their mastery of the required engineering competencies and the design process.