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Food Safety and Quality Professional Diploma

Food safety is the study of the proper way to handle and prepare food in a way to reduce the risks that may cause disease. This diploma deals with food from different perspectives including food processing, food safety and food quality and management. The diploma is offered by the Center of Excellence for Food Safety and Research (cSEFRA), according to UST and ZC regulations, as a specialized center in food research and analysis that apply all methodologies according to ISO 17025 standards which is required by the food safety sector. The center has some state of the art equipment that can be used to educate applicants on highly advanced lab techniques that can be used to detect hazards in foods according to ISO standards.


Eligibility for admission:

  • Holders of BSc in agriculture, pharmacy, science, tourism and hotels, home economy, and veterinary science.


Educational objectives:

  1. Apply the necessary knowledge of food safety to enable graduates to get a better job opportunity in the food industry.
  2. Develop the skills and knowledge of food analysis and to develop creative solutions for issues related to foodborne diseases in the society and in the industry.
  3. Develop a collaborative network with industrial partners.


Student outcomes:

By the end of this diploma, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the technical problems related to food safety.
  2. Apply the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in food production to meet the international standards.
  3. Identify and analyze biological, chemical, and physical hazards that may affect the safety of foods.
  4. Communicate effectively with team members and apply risk assessment to identify and evaluate the risks that affect human health, and apply control measures and critical limits to reduce and control the risk.