Mahmoud Abdrabou, Ph.D


Acting Executive President

Dean of Strategic Enrollment Management

Director of Accreditation unit. 

Zewail City 


academic title

Professor, Machine Design and Engineering Tribology


Contact information





Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering  from the Cairo University (EGYPT)/ RWTH Aachen (Germany), in 1995

Research Areas: Machine Design, Tribology, Vehicle Design, FEA, CAD, Renewable Energy Engineering.

Research Interests: Brake Design, Frictional materials, Nano lubricants, Composite materials, FEA of frictional processes, Design of Concentrated Solar Power systems (CSP)

Keywords: Tribology, CAD, FEA, CSP

1) K. Hamza, A. Y. Shash, M. Abdrabou*. Design criteria of multilayer fibers reinforced composite in bulky 3D loaded applications. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2018, Vol 137, 92-101.

2) BM Kamel, A Mohamed, M El Sherbiny, KA Abed, M Abd-Rabou* Tribological properties of graphene nanosheets as an additive in calcium grease, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2017, Vol 38 (10), 1495-1500

3) M. El shazly H. Zein, M. El Sherbiny, M. Abd-Rabou*. Thinning and spring back prediction of sheet metal in the deep drawing process. Journal of Materials and Design, 2014, (53), 797-808.



1) Operation and Sustainability of MATS project, funded by ASRT.

2) Rehabilitation of Wheat Silos No. 85 in Alexandria, Funded by GCSS.

3) Assessment of  Steel Bridges  for Egypt Railways Co through EHAF consulting office.

1) DAAD scholarship for PhD Study in Germany

2) Postdoctoral Grant by DAAD,  1998, Germany