Tuition Fees and Financial Aid


Tuition Fees

The University of Science and Technology provides a world-class educational environment. Tuition fees is calculated based on the number of registered credit hours in each academic semester*. The tuition of each credit hour for academic year 2019 / 2020 is 4,180 EGP (Four Thousand and One Hundred Eighty Egyptian Pounds) for Egyptian students and 350 USD (Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ) for non- Egyptian students. The tuition may be subject to an annual increase for the new admitted students of future academic years. Science students have to complete 130 credit hours during their entire study at the university. Meanwhile, Engineering students are required to complete 162 credit hours to graduate.

The tuition fees includes access to mandatory laboratory supplies for experiments, library, scientific databases, providing some essential textbooks for the courses, transportation and having access to career advising services.

  • *for more information related to the study plans of the different programs please visit


Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid


The University of Science and technology offers a limited number of merit scholarships to students who are fully admitted to the university, and are among the top students based on the holistic admission criteria adopted by the university.  

In addition, the university of science and technology offers a limited number of partial / full scholarships to fully admitted students who fulfill the following conditions:


Demonstrated financial need


Obtained the high school certificate at the same year of admission.



  • Fill the financial aid application form through this link
  • Upload the documents listed below using the following link:



Income Documents

Proof of net annual income of both parents and/or guardian after deducting taxes & social insurance and including bonuses, incentives, commissions and annual profits.

Proof of the applicant’s school annual fees (including bus fees if applicable).

Proof of the applicant’s siblings’ school annual fees (including bus fees if applicable).

Recent Financial statement of both parents clarifying the interests of any saving accounts, deposits, trust funds, etc. in any bank or post office for the last 6 months period.

Employment letter for both parents and/or guardian directed to Zewail City specifying the job description (part time/full time).

Proof of agricultural land holding (if applicable).

Any lease contracts for family properties (real estate – shops – lands – cars – etc.)

Social insurance stamp (in case the father works as a freelancer/ the mother does not work)

Annual pension for both parents and/or legal guardian (if applicable).

Proof of applicant’s annual income (if applicable).

House/ Apartment lease or ownership contract.

Recent property disclosure issued from Misr For Central Clearing, Depository & Registry Company in case of owning stock (if applicable).

Last tax declaration in case of freelancing.

Any other income documents, if any.

Supporting Documents

Family registration form ((القيد العائلى.

Death certificate of any of the parents or both, if applicable (God forbid).

Divorce certificate of the parents, if applicable (God forbid).

Photocopy of the applicant’s national ID card and the original birth certificate.

Photocopy of both parents’ and/or guardian’s national ID card.

Verification and Review 

  • In awarding financial aid, the financial aid committee considers the student’s individual circumstances, the number of submitted applications for financial aid and the university resources.
  • Financial aid applications with missing information, documents or wrong information will be considered incomplete and will be rejected for the current year; student can apply for financial aid again after the foundation year.
  • The financial aid application and supporting documents are reviewed and investigated by the financial aid committee who has the right to decide whether the student is eligible to receive a financial aid or not. Students or their parents may be asked for an interview or to submit additional documents.
  • The supporting documents received after the announced deadline will be rejected.


  • Students eligible for financial aid will receive a confidential notification including the decision of the committee.
  • The decision of the financial aid committee is strictly confidential and to be shared only with the student and not with any other person.
  • Financial aid is given in the form of a fixed reduction from the tuition fees.
  • The decision of the financial aid committee is final and no petitions are allowed after notifying the student with the financial aid that can be offered by the University.
  • The amount of financial aid granted to each student will be fixed throughout his/her course of study at UST (4 years for science majors and 5 years for engineering majors), given that the student maintains eligibility for financial aid.


  • To maintain the financial aid award without reassessment, undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA equal to or higher than 3.3 and maintain a full-time status (12 credit hours per semester or above). In case of achieving a GPA less than 3.3, the financial aid will be subject to change as per the below conditions:

GPA higher than or equal to 3.3 can retain 100% of the identified support

GPA between 3.0 and less than 3.3 can retain 67% of the identified support

GPA between 2.7 and less than 3.0 can retain 33% of the identified support for one year only.

GPA less than 2.7: no financial support.

The above conditions are applied after one full academic year (one warning semester with same financial conditions).

In case of outstanding circumstances, or any force majeure this will be taken into consideration.

An exception from the credit hours criteria applies to graduating senior students during their final semester; where then the financial support award will be calculated in proportion with the number of registered credits.

Any interruption of the study will entail stopping the financial aid



  • Undergraduates who are granted financial aid do not have to renew their financial support applications on yearly basis as long as there is no change in their financial status.
  • Undergraduates who fail to maintain their financial aid must submit a financial aid regaining form. Renewal of their financial support will be subject to an evaluation of their academic performance.
  • Students who received financial support, encountered changes in their financial situation, and wish to review their award amount. They will need to submit a petition form along with the supporting documents proving the change in their financial situation during the announced deadline (15 August). Submission of documents after the deadline announced by the registrar office will be rejected. Any change of the financial aid percentage is to be applied at the beginning of the academic year.

Regulations and Policies   

  • Tuition fees are covered by donations, in case a donor impose conditions that are different from that of the University, this will supersede that of the University.
  • After the final acceptance of joining the University of Science and Technology, the student has to pay a non-refundable deposit (5% of the annual tuition fees).
  • After assessing the financial status of the student, and in view of the available resources, the student will be notified of the percentage support that he/she will receive and the amount of tuition fees that he/she must pay.
  • The student can pay the tuition fees through installments (as per each student's payment plan), cash deposits in any CIB branch or bank transfer with submitting the original payment receipt to the admission and registration office each semester.
  • The awarded financial aid covers one regular program as stated in the study plan, any additional Major/ Minor/ Concentration/ Courses will be charged as a full tuition and will not be covered by the financial aid.
  • In addition to the regular program, the financial aid covers only five courses that are registered and dropped or repeated through the entire student’s study within the university.
  • The received financial aid is awarded only during the year of study, in case of withdrawal from the university; the financial aid will be cancelled.
  • In case of deferred admission, the financial aid will be no longer valid.


For Any Inquiry,

  • Please send an email to
  • Or visit the Office of Admission and Registration in Zewail City of Science and Technology, Dr. Ahmed Zewail Road, October Gardens, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt. Helmy building - ground floor, Room No: G002A in any day from 10 AM to 2 PM except Friday, Saturday and the official vacations.