Continuous Improvement and Accreditation Unit (CIAU)


At Zewail City, all University of Science and Technology (UST) educational programs are committed to continuously improve their performance. CIAU's mission is to work on the continuous improvement of the necessary policies and regulations to achieve and maintain national and international accreditation while following up on the implementation of policies and regulations within the academic programs to ensure fulfillment of accreditation requirements and the quality and efficiency of the education process.



CIAU includes the following three components:



Learning Assessment and Accreditation Office (LAAO)

  • Prepare for, apply for, and sustain national accreditation by the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU).
  • Define and coordinate the continuous improvement policies for UST learning outcomes (course Level and program Level).
  • Prepare for, apply for, and sustain international accreditation.
  • Disseminate and educate about continuous improvement of culture


Teaching Effectiveness Office (TEO)

  • Explore new learning and educational methodologies.
  • Provide capacity-building programs for teaching development.
  • Provide group/one-to-one coaching and consulting sessions.
  • Evaluate and improve Instructor teaching and assessment methods.
  • Consult for continuous follow-up and assessment.


Learning Technologies Services (LTS)

  • Provide and develop in-house customized software services and integrated solutions to support the educational programs and academic administration in:
  • automating the Continuous Improvement processes.
  • organizing and managing academic information and documents of interest to accreditation.
  • generating insights from the courses and program collected data.
  • assisting academic administration make well-educated decisions based on real data.
  • supporting academic administration interpret report findings and devise action plans.
  • closing the loop for improvement plans by following up on planned action items.