Career Services

The career services unit is designed to assist University of Science and Technology students in their career explorations and decision-making process. The unit provides career counseling to students; a service that will grow to become the main campus resource and hub for providing students and graduates with full-time and part-time employment opportunities. Additionally, the unit will grow its corporate network, will create a database of potential employers and available work opportunities, and will develop a matching mechanism between students seeking employment and external employers. Mock-up interviews, CV writing, career mapping, internships and employment jobs fairs are some of the services that will be provided by the unit.

The career services unit will also provide information, programs and consultations to help university faculty and staff better understand the career-related needs of the university's students.

Also, in partnership with alumni, parents and employers, the unit will develop informational and experiential networks that can be used as resources to support students' career development opportunities.