Academic integrity policy


Students who violate exam rules, particularly the obligation of academic honesty, may be required to withdraw from the university. Students who fail to follow the instructions while attending an exam will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

While an exam is in progress, students are not permitted to communicate with each other. They are not allowed to keep or refer to any books or papers without the explicit permission of the instructor.

Written work

Submission of written work is the student’s responsibility. Students must personally submit their work on time to the course instructor or to the assistant acting on their behalf.

Students must submit original work. Quotations must be cited and placed between quotation marks. Written work and research articles must correctly indicate all sources and paraphrased materials must be acknowledged.

Collaboration is not allowed on course work or on course assignments unless explicitly permitted by the instructor. Students should familiarize themselves with all regulations concerned with available class, lab, office and library resources. They should also consult their course instructors and advisors regarding the preparation and submission of assignments (paper work or research).

Students should obtain written permission from the course instructor before using the same research or written work for more than one course. Students submitting work without clear attribution to its sources will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Other work

Students who sell lectures, notes, papers or research assignments during their enrollment at the university or who accept compensation for their work without prior written approval from the provost will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Students who submit forms or petitions with false or misleading information or signatures will be subject to disciplinary actions and will be required to withdraw from the program.

Human research

Students conducting research on human subjects are required to obtain approval from the respective committee, regardless of the academic subject.

Animal research

Students must observe humane care for animals and must report any cases of inhumane treatment. Students should observe the guidelines available at the science department on the use of animals in their experiments.