Zewail City in Cairo Innovates Exhibition 2019


Zewail City wins several awards at Cairo Innovates Exhibition in its sixth edition in 2019 in various fields and specialties; Dr. Ibrahim El-Sherbini, in cooperation with Sir Magdy Yacoub, won the award of transfer and localization of technology in the medical field for creating intelligent multi-functional nanostatic crown supports.


In the field of energy, water and the environment, Dr. Mustafa Abdullah won the first place for the project of robotics to clean the photovoltaic cells and solar mirrors (awarded to the Regional Energy Center and Zewail City).


As for the awards of next generation scientists in in the domain of Health and Biomedical Sciences, researcher Toka Abdulrahman got first place award for her oral presentation on the project entitled "Biological Characterization of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Pericytes and Reprogramming Into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells In the field of environment, researcher Ahmed Hamdy Ibrahim won the second place for a research entitled the development of polymeric membranes with nanoscale compounds that are biodegradable to remove some pollutants from wastewater. Finally, TICO-Zewail City has won the second place as the best technology transfer and commercialization at the level of technology transfer and commercialization offices.