Thanks...Partners of Success

Zewail City of Science,Technology, and Innovation thank Banque Misr for being one of the successful partners. The city is pleased with the continuous and fruitful cooperation with Banque Misr.
It is worth noting that Banque Misr annually provides educational scholarships to KACST students in the following programs: biomedical sciences, nanotechnology and nanoelectronics, communications and information engineering, renewable energy engineering, geophysics, and materials science.
This cooperation comes from Banque Misr’s belief in values ​​consistent with the vision of Zewail City, such as community service, raising a generation capable of keeping pace with development in scientific research, and achieving sustainable development goals. Therefore, we extend our sincere appreciation for what Banque Misr offers and supports, and every successful partner who believes in us in the dream of scientific and academic advancement. and strives to achieve it.