For the 3rd year in a row Suez Canal Bank supports educational scholarships in Zewail City

For the third year in a row, the Suez Canal Bank was keen to support Zewail City and the students in the final year at the University of Science and Technology, due to what the city is doing to create a new generation capable of innovation and to present everything new in scientific research and put Egypt's name on the map of the countries of the world in Scientific Research. Where a number of students who met the criteria for benefiting from these scholarships were selected according to the policy established by the Zewail City administration, on top of which is equal opportunities among all eligible students, and in order to ensure the continuity of the students' benefit.




Dr. Mahmoud Abdrabou, Acting CEO of Zewail City for Science, Technology, and Innovation expressed his gratitude for the trust of the private sector in general and the Suez Canal Bank in particular for the strenuous efforts Zewail City is making in enriching the education and scientific research organization in Egypt.




Mr. Hussein Refaie, Chairman and Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank, explained that the bank’s strategy aims to sustain social practices to support the society as a whole, hence the interest in supporting 6 different sectors: education, health, special needs, environment, social solidarity and also supporting youth and entrepreneurship in addition to All initiatives and projects that aim to bring about real development within our society and the benefit of all groups, especially youth and women, for their main role in community development.


Mr. Hussein Refaie said that this year Suez Canal bank supported 13 students in various majors, including nanotechnology engineering, renewable energy, communication, and information engineering, as well as environmental engineering, which contribute to the development of scientific research in Egypt.