Dr. Salah Obayya wins the Excellence in Scientific Research Award in its first edition in Zewail City

The Excellence in Scientific Research Award  is awarded by Zewail City in recognition of the production of distinguished international scientific research that serves the strategic objectives of the State by linking applied scientific research with the needs of society

Dr. Obayya has received several international and national awards. As a result of his many international contributions, he has been elected as a Fellow in a number of international institutes and as a member of various scientific bodies, for example a fellow in the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IEEE) (IoP) - UK 2010 - Fellow of the Academy of Higher Education - United Kingdom, Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - United States 2005 - Member of the Board of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology- Egypt, a member of the Wales Institute (UK) for mathematics and computer science, Member of the American Society for Photonics (OSA) Member of the International Association of Photogravure Engineering (SPIE) - USA, Member of the Applied Computer Electromagnetism Association (ACES) – USA.


For these exceptional research achievements, Salah has received many awards and national and international accreditations, including, but not limited to, the Honorary Chair Professor in the field of photonics, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2017, Honorary Membership of the American Optical Science Society (OSA) 2017, Honorary Membership of the Center for Theoretical Physics of Italy, ICTP 2017, Khalifa Prize for Distinguished Professor of Scientific Research at the level of Arab Scientists in 2017, Honorary Doctorate in Science from City University, London, UK, 2016 Award of the Arab Thought Foundation for Scientific Creativity, Lebanon, December 2015, Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Award (ASRT), Egypt, September 2014, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Prize for Arab Scientists in Engineering Sciences, Jordan October 2014, State Prize for Scientific Excellence in Engineering Sciences, Egypt September 2013, State Incentive Award for Engineering Sciences - Egypt, September 2005.



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