Dr. Mohamed Farhat wins the Mohamed Amin Lotfy Award for Physical Sciences from ASRT

Dr. Mohamed Farhat wins the Mohamed Amin Lotfy Award for Physical Sciences from ASRT. The prize was awarded in recognition of the research of Dr. Mohammed Farhat in the field of photonics conducted at the Center photonics and smart materials in Zewail City of  Science and Technology

Dr. Mohamed Farhat joined Zewail City of Science and Technology since August 2012 as a founding member of Center for Photonics and Smart Materials directed by Prof. Salah Obayya and currently he is associate professor in the nanotechnology program. His main research interests are focused on the area of computational modelling of photonic devices including photonic crystal fibers, sensors, polarization handling devices, silicon on insulator (SOI), surface plasmon applications, nano antennas, and solar cells.

He received his PhD through a channel scheme between Mansoura University, Egypt, and South Wales University, UK in 2010.

Dr.Farhat is working in the area of computational modelling of photonic devices with a good track record of publications. Dr.Farhat published so far 95 journal papers, mostly in IEEE journals, and 92 conference papers have been presented in the best national and international meetings  with H-index 20 and 1000 citations. Additionally, two books have been published by the world-leading scientific publishers; Wiley (Computational Liquid Crystal Photonics: Fundamentals, Modelling and Applications, 2016) and Springer (Computational Photonic Sensors, 2018).

Further, he acts as a principal investigator (PI) or CO-PI for research projects (funding in the region of 20 M EGP). He is currently supervising externally-funded more than 20 PhD students, RAs and Postdoctoral Research Assistants. He got many awards including best PhD thesis and Mansoura Incentive Awards from Mansoura University for the years 2011/2012, and 2014, respectively. In addition, he was awarded the Incentive State Award for Engineering Sciences from the Egyptian Government along with the African Union- the World Academy of Sciences (AU-TWAS) Young Scientists National Award in Basic Science, Technology and Innovation, for the year 2014/2015.

He also received the Shrouk Academy award for scientific innovation in electronic engineering and applications for the year 2015/2016. Additionally, he got the Medal of Excellence from the Egyptian President (August 2017) and Venice Kamel Award for scientific creativity for young researchers in the field of technological innovations for the year 2016/2017.

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