Zewail City to open the first research lab of its kind in Africa and Middle East

Zewail City of Science and Technology is currently establishing a research laboratory for studies that focus on the role of cell metabolism and mitochondrial function in the pathogenesis of human diseases, said Dr. Sameh Ali, Director of the Center for Aging and Associated Diseases. During a lecture delivered at Mansoura University’s Urology and Nephrology Center, Ali said the lab, which is expected to be completed within the coming two months, will be the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East.

Ali went on to say that the City, in collaboration with a number of Egyptian universities, including the Urology and Nephrology Center will be conducting a number of advanced research studies on the relation between mitochondrial function and various diseases, including renal failure, diabetes, cancer and liver disease.

In his lecture, Ali discussed the latest methods for studying the rate of food metabolism into useable energy and its relation to diabetes. The lecture was attended by former Zewail City Trustee Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim and his group in Mansoura. Dr. Ghoneim will be a major collaborator in the anticipated research studies.