Dr. Shaaban Khalil publishes new study in top journal

Dr. Shaaban Khalil, Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics, along with a team of researchers from Egypt and the UK, have published a research paper titled “Right-handed sneutrino-antisneutrino oscillations in a TeV scale Supersymmetric B-L model” in Physical Review D.

The study analyzes the implications of the team’s recently proposed model which may help explain the results of neutrino ocillation experiments.

“This model is based on supersymmetric B-L (Baryon-Lepton symmetry) extension of the Standard Model (SM),” said Dr. Khalil. “We have shown that the supersymmetric partner of our right-handed neutrino, called B-L sneutrinos, may have very interesting features.”

Dr. Khalil went on to say, “We have proven that this new particle can be probed at the Large Hadron Collider through its direct pair production and its possible decay into same-sign dileptons”.

Physical Review D is a leading journal in elementary particle physics, field theory, gravitation, and cosmology.

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