The 8 Business Fundamental Skills Course

This is a compiled program structured of two main phases; each phase is inclusive of a number of different modules; which work on different aspects of principles, character, and competencies to solve fundamental problems. It also adds to participants’ overall skills rather than just their ability to deliver within a specific job.

The 8 Business Fundamental program is a task-based, experiential learning program and considered a guide to help youth to personally be well prepared when dealing with the business world.

This program is designed to support the participants' motivation, build their confidence in taking a step forward towards their self-development, defining their goals and finding ways of reaching them.

The program outline in each of the two phases is the following:

Phase I (24 hours)

To be able to encourage any individual to seek continuous self-development to get ready for the work field; it is crucial to provide individuals with the tools to know her/himself first as a starting point.  This phase should help participants learn about themselves, be aware of their surroundings, identify their weaknesses and strengths to be able to control their actions and also start to influence others. In addition, they will learn to deal with others using business etiquette and learn how to present themselves in a competitive workplace.

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Business Etiquette
  4. Presentation skills


Know Yourself

To help participants have a thorough understanding of self and a realistic awareness of   own strengths and weaknesses.

Recognize your personal traits and characteristics

  • Introduction to the importance of self-assessment and self-assessment tools
  • Assess your level of confidence
  • Identify your points of strengths and weaknesses

Emotional Intelligence

  • The Johari Windows model
  • Learning constructive feedback
  • The five elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Create an Action plan to improve your emotional intelligence

Business Etiquette

  • The elements of a good handshake
  • Ways to make a good first impression
  • How to communicate properly and politely


  • Gain rapport with your audience
  • Reduce nervousness and stress
  • Create a professional presence

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Course Hours: 30

Price: 1000 EGP – Early Bird

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