Fundamentals of Laboratory Safe Practices


The Environmental Health and Safety division in Zewail city

is pleased to invite you to participate in

Fundamentals of Laboratory Safe Practices

The workshop aims to provide participants with the needed national and international standards of knowledge for requirements of safety in labs (educational, research, industrial..زetc) in an interactive method and  practical sessions.

The objective of the workshop

  • To train participants on the applied methods to protect lab users, people in the vicinity who are not in contact with lab work, buildings, and environment in compliance with the Egyptian laws and international requirements.
  • To Increase participants knowledge of the basic requirements for establishing and preparation of laboratories according to the national and international standards.
  • To Increase participants knowledge of the efficient safe practice techniques during conducting chemical and biological experiments.
  • To coach participants on safe handling and storage of chemical and biological items, and during emergencies.
  • To raising the culture of human and human handling laboratory animals, and without risk to users.

Who should attend?

The workshop aims to provide needed knowledge to researchers, lab technicians, lab managers, undergraduate students , and similar lab related users in the fields of medicine and biology, chemistry, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, microbiology, environment, laboratorial analysis and related disciplines.


Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Safe handling and storage of chemicals
  • Safe handling and storage of radioactive materials
  • Safe handling and storage of biological items
  • Microbial decontamination
  • Safe handling of Biohazard wastes
  • Safe preparation and Protection in requirements of labs.
  • Ethics of Lab animal care and handling
  • Safe actions in lab emergencies and evacuations
  • Laws and regulations of Occupational health and safety in Egypt
  • practical sessions for participants for hand practice.


Certificate of completion of 10 hours training of Basics of lab safety practices is provided by the end of the workshop

Fees: 500 EGP, and 300 EGP for undergraduate students (40% discount).

For registration:

  • Please fill in the Registration form in this link.
  • Please send payment of fees by one of two methods:
  • Cash at department of finance in zewail city, (Mr. Mohamed Sabry)
  • Or in Zewail City of Science and Technology bank account in CIB- Swift Code: CIBEEGCX001, Account number 0190090050 or 100015794075. 
  • kindly send a scanned copy of the recite by email to to confirm registration  

Registration is complete with both the form and payment.  

Last date for accepting registration is 15th July, 2017

For inquires:

Please contact Dr. Menna Mamddouh or Dr. Nagwa Elnwishy