Valley of Science and Technology

The Valley of Science and Technology in Zewail City is a technology park that will constitute the area of confluence between R&D and the market. The Valley has two primary functions. It will provide gifted graduates and technology entrepreneurs the opportunity to incubate and develop new technologies and industries. Zewail City of Science and Technology will provide some financial assistance and appropriate space on a contractual basis to enhance the level of entrepreneurship and aid in the establishment of new industries.

Equally important, the Valley of Science and Technology will provide opportunities for research cooperation with various sectors of technologically advanced industries. Many of these will have a presence at Zewail City, especially those that are of mutual benefit in R&D. Such services will help build a technology base and, just as importantly, retain gifted young people in the country. In the long term, the Pyramid should generate, through joint agreements, a considerable source of income for Zewail City.

By establishing the nanotechnology and nanoelectronics centers, the city is reinforcing the link between scientific research and the market through the Valley of Science and Technology. Zewail City is currently working on the recruitment of scientists specialized in other industries such as communications and information technology and modern agricultural technology.