Teaching Effectiveness Office (TEO)


To create a holistic, engaging, creative, and innovative education framework and experience, to highly influence the students through incorporating several advanced pedagogies with deep tools and techniques.

We provide faculty members with various services, and educational tools to achieve our mission through workshops, learning circles, instructional design consultations, course design techniques training, and evaluation, orientation sessions for new faculty members, etc


  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Active deep learning
  • Learning by doing (experiential learning)
  • Coaching and consultation
  • Holistic approach
  • Transformative learning



  • Dr. Tamer Ali - CIAU Director
  • Dr. Mohamed AlHadidy - TEO Vice Director
  • Ms. Nermeen Farahat - TEO Team Leader
  • Ms. Nadin Samy - Faculty Development Specialist
  • Mr. Mahmoud Mansour - Faculty Development Trainer



TEO Learning and Improvement

It is an activity that incorporates all the learning and development activities that fulfill the faculty members' and teaching assistants' needs.

It includes:

Workshops and capacity-building sessions

Manuals and handouts

Online sessions and seminars


TEO Assessment and Improvement

It is an activity that offers all the assessment services and analysis such as (Needs assessment, and overall final evaluation,) to support the faculty members have a clear image of their performance from students’ point of view. In addition, the assessments help the TEO take proper actions in their improvement plans.

This activity also offers customized assessments upon request.


TEO Growth and Improvement

It is an activity of action research and on-ground improvement hand in hand with the faculty members. It is a cycle of three steps that might be repeated according to the needs and results of the first cycle.

Class Visit:  It is a visit that aims to understand the nature of the course, students, and the interaction between the instructor and the students in the learning experience. It should result in a report that includes all the notes about the lecture and recommendations for improvement.

Improvement Meeting:  It is a meeting that aims to discuss the points listed in the class visit report and discuss the opportunities for improvements and actions that can be taken. We adopt the “GROW” model as our method in moderating the meeting to guarantee the best results.

Follow-up Class Visit:  It is a visit that aims to make sure that our proposed teaching strategies are attainable and realistic regarding the class circumstances.



TEO Community Improvement

It is an activity that aims to build a community that shares among each other various education-related topics that might inspire TAs and faculty members to develop their roles and improve themselves. It also aims to spread values and ethics that should be present in an academic context and be transferred to the students.

This will be implemented through periodic events where we invite speakers (from inside/outside the university) to talk about certain topics in open discussion and reflection circles (such as; education in uncertain times, education and innovation, and education and social responsibility.


Contact Us at: Teachingeffectiveness@zewailcity.edu.eg