Procedures and instructions

 Academic advising and registration

  1. The academic rules and regulations stated in this section deal with student–university relationships. Students must read this document carefully before meeting with their academic advisors.
  2. Student self services will be available throughout the registration period mentioned in the university calendar.
  3. Academic advising for new students will take place in the respective academic departments. Students should present their letters of acceptance to the academic advisor.
  4. The planning form must be used during the advising process and students must correctly fill in the required information.
  5. Students must make an appointment with the academic advisor during the period mentioned in the university calendar.
  6. Students must follow all instructions found in announcements sent by the university via email during the advising/registration period. Students must make sure there is no conflict between the courses and sections they selected with the help of the academic advisor.
  7. Students must obtain approval for alternative courses/sections in case a section is closed or no places are available.
  8. Overload is only allowed during junior and senior years and not during the first foundation year.
  9. If a separate lab is required for a selected course, students must register in that lab.
  10. Students must obtain the academic advisors’ approval and signature on the planning form.
  11. A copy of the planning form must be submitted to the office of admissions and registration.
  12. Provided the above conditions are met, students should log in to “student self services” in order to complete the registration process.
  13. Students can log in by using their student identification number as the password.
  14. Students must enter a password question and answer in their first log-in session. After logging in, students are advised to change their passwords.
  15. On logging in, students will find the following options: “find courses”, “register” and “view schedule”.
  16. Using the search bar, students can find the following: “course catalog”, “section search” and “directory”.
  17. Students should click on the register tab for registration, then on the cart tab to “find courses” that will be added to the student’s cart.
  18. A summary of the student’s account balance for the selected period can be found under “finances” (detail by charges / credits / detail by summary type / balance summary).
  19. Students should review their registration and account balance and report any problems to the office of admissions and registration at the student service center.
  20. Students should click on “view schedule” for a printout of the selected courses.