Payment Procedures of Tuition Fees

1. Registering and completing the Web Registration by the deadline mentioned

in the University calendar will build your “Bill / Payment Statement” to be
available on the web for Student Self Services under “Finances” /
2. Click on “Finances”
3. You will get the following options: Balance, Statement, Financial Aid and
4. Under Balance, is a summary of your account balance for the selected period
and you may view your Detail Balance by: Charges/Credits / Detail by
Summary Type / Balance Summary
5. Financial Aid will be available when approved and will be adjusted
automatically in your Balance Application
6. Print your Tuition Statement from the option of “Statement”
7. The “statement” will show the amount due. The amount stated is based on
your course load and the existing rates per credit hour for one term.
8. All non-Egyptian students or students whose parents live or work outside
Egypt are required to pay their tuition and fees in LE Egyptian Pounds.
Transfer of Tuition to the CIB should be clearly in Egyptian Pounds.
9. If you believe that any of the information displayed is incorrect, please
contact the system Administrator – Office of Admission and Registration in
the Student Services Center.

Payment Period

1. Payment process of the University tuition is allowed only during the
Advising/Registration p e r i o d .
2. New Students will be allowed to pay late during the first week of the
semester without Late Registration Fee.
3. Students who are having their tuition paid through a ”third party” are
responsible for finalizing the payment prior to the deadline, otherwise their
courses will be deleted from the system and they will not be permitted to
attend classes.
4. Students on Scholarships are responsible to make sure that their payment is
finalized before the deadline of payment.
5. Students petitioning for Financial Assistance are required to pay their tuition
until Financial Aid is approved and adjusted, or they may apply for “Deferred
Payment”. When Financial Aid is deducted from the tuition, the student must
check their balance and pay the remaining tuition.

Method of Payment

1. The Commercial International Bank (CIB) will accept payment in cash.
2. Certified check
3. International Transfer to the CIB.
4. A printed statement from the University electronic system will be accepted
in the CIB.
5. Using the written statement from the University Accounts Office with clear
ID and name with the University account stamp will be accepted in the CIB to
start the payment process.

Deferred Payment

Students may pay 50% of their tuition with the permission of the office of the
Admission and Registration/ Office of Financial Affairs. Requesting a deferred
payment requires you to fill out the form and get all approvals. The form is
available in the “Student Services Center”. Administrative fees will be added to the
deferred amount.

Late Fee

Students who make their payment after the deadline, which will always be before
the first day of the semester, will be required to pay a Late Fee charge of LE 500.
Students will add this fee to the amount due when paying the tuition. New
students are exempted from the late registration fees for their first semester.