Graduate Program Outline

1. Course Requirements

Candidates are required to take and successfully pass additional courses required by each graduate program, as determined by their thesis adviser and approved by the program coordinator. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required throughout the course work.


2. Candidacy Exam

The candidacy exam should be completed at the end of the first year after the matriculation of the fellow into the Doctor of Philosophy program. The candidacy exam has three components: the candidacy paper exam, report (research proposal), and the oral examination (presentation). These components aim to evaluate and confirm the suitability of the Doctor of Philosophy fellow to undertake advanced research.

The candidate will be formally accepted as a Doctor of Philosophy candidate after passing the candidacy examination and approving his/her doctoral plan.


3. Supervision Committee

A supervision committee of two supervisors will be formed after the successful completion of the candidacy exam. The main supervisor must be a Zewail City faculty member. The committee is to advise the fellow on his dissertation research status and overall progress, approval of the selected major’s general course requirements, and approval of the dissertation proposal.


4. Thesis

Upon completion of these requirements, the fellow, together with his/her adviser, should provide the committee with the title and abstract of the thesis work, and propose names of three expert examiners from Zewail City. None Zewail City examiners with appropriate biographical information are welcome.


5. Final Examination Committee

The examining panel chairperson will invite the candidate to make an oral presentation, highlighting the major achievements of the thesis, the conclusions which have been reached, and the significance of the findings.

Each examiner must provide an official letter stating his/her satisfaction with the quality of the thesis and with the candidate’s presentation and level of education.