Career Training

The CATS office offer regular training sessions & workshops as follows:

1- Weekly CATS vitamin session during the academic year:

CATS office offer weekly “Vitamin Session “.the objective of this session is to ensure the training drum beat is running on a weekly basis by providing 60 minutes training session every Monday throughout the academic year. The session covers several topics of interest to undergraduate students including:

  1. Can we really manage pressure
  2. Bullying and peer pressure
  3. How to choose your career path
  4. CV Writing Guidelines
  5. How to write personal statement
  6. How to apply for post graduate studies
  7. How to prepare effective presentations
  8. Tips for Time management
  9. Principles of Effective Planning


2- Career Development  Workshops:

These are full days workshop that is conducted on Saturdays for senior students. The workshop includes practical exercises and to enhance the skills of students.

The workshop covers employability skills including :

  1. How to write and tailor an impressive CV and cover letter
  2. Job-hunting skills
  3. Tips and tricks for successful interviews ( with mock interview )