Admission honors and awards

Provost's honor roll

The provost’s honor roll is a list of students achieving high GPAs. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled on a full time basis and achieve a 3.5 grade point average for that semester.

Academic records that include incomplete grades (I) make the student ineligible for the provost’s honor roll.

Academic honors for graduation

For graduation honors, university candidates must achieve a minimum GPA of:

  • 3.85 for highest honors “Summa Cum Laude”.
  • 3.75 for high honors “Magna Cum Laude”.
  • 3.50 for honors “Cum Laude”.


President's award

The president's award is presented to candidates earning the highest GPA at commencement.

Honors and awards

Academic honors are noted on the student’s academic record.