Admission examination procedures and regulations

The following are not permitted during the exam:

  • Portable/handheld computers or laptops.
  • Electronic writing pads.
  • All types of graphing or programmable calculators.
  • Devices with pen-input, stylus or touch-screen capability.
  • Pocket organizers, cell phones, BlackBerry devices or personal digital assistants (PDAs).
  • Devices with QWERTY or typewriter keypads as part of hardware or software.
  • Devices with printers.
  • Devices that make noise or "talk".
  • Devices that require an electrical outlet.
  • Devices that can access the Internet or have wireless or Bluetooth capability.
  • Devices that have a camera, scanning capability, digital audio/video player or recording capability.


Cell phones and other devices

Cell phones, smartphones (e.g., BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and Bluetooth devices, etc.), PDAs, and any other electronic, photographic, recording or listening devices are not permitted at the exam center. If a student brings such devices to the exam, they will be dismissed and their scores will be canceled. The device will be confiscated, inspected and might be returned at the end of the exam.

Procedures for admission exam

Students should plan to arrive at the exam center at the appropriate time with their admission tickets. Exam center staff will check the students in and assign them their seats. Directions will be given and exam materials handed out. The actual testing time will begin approximately 30 to 45 minutes after their arrival at the center.

The following additional rules are in place to protect the security of the exam process. They are applicable during the entire exam session, from the time students are admitted to the exam center and until they leave (including breaks):

  • Do not bring mechanical pencils or paper of any kind into the exam room.
  • Do not use watch alarms or timekeeping devices that make noise. You may pace yourself with your own watch, but the supervisor is the official timekeeper. Exam center staff may ask you to remove and store your watch. You may not continue the exam beyond the established time limit.
  • Mark all your answers on the separate answer sheet. You may use the exam book to work out your answers. However, answers recorded in the exam book will not be scored.
  • Return your exam book and answer sheet to the exam supervisor at the end of the exam. These materials are the property of the University of Science and Technology.
  • If you have health-related needs requiring you to bring equipment, beverages or snacks into the exam room or to take extra or extended breaks, you need to request accommodations in advance by contacting us at