Scholarships and Grants

One of the university’s major priorities is providing scholarships to its Egyptian students, in order to achieve Zewail City’s mission of bringing about effective participation in 21st century science, to elevate local technologies to an international level and to increase national productivity. Zewail City offers every year a number of full and partial scholarships based on merit and the university resources. Generally, scholarships are reserved for Egyptian students with academic special qualifications and based on student’s achievement in the admissions exam.

The various categories of financial support offered by the University of Science and Technology are listed below:

Merit Scholarship

This type of scholarships is offered to academically outstanding students who are placed according to their scores in Thanawiya Amma as the top students of the year. The number and value of each scholarship will depend on the amount of available funds.

Governorates Scholarship

In line with University of Science and Technology’s mission as a national project aiming to attract high caliber students from all over the country, governorate scholarships will be offered. This type of scholarship sponsors the top admitted student from each governorate in Egypt based on their Thanawiya Amma scores, in a manner that aids a uniform representation of all governorates in Egypt.

Eligibility for Scholarships

In order to be eligible to apply for financial support, certain requirements must be met:
Enrollment or acceptance for enrollment.
Demonstration of financial need through submission of the financial support application and supporting documents.

Verification and Review

The Office of Student Financial Affairs will process, review, and verify all applications received and all supporting documents attached.


Students eligible for financial support will be sent a confidential notification letter including the amount of financial support to each eligible student. The amount of financial Support granted to each student will be fixed throughout their course of study at UST (4 years for science majors and 5 years for engineering majors), given that the student maintains eligibility for financial support.


To maintain the financial support award without evaluation, undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and maintain a full-time status (12 credit hours per semester or above). An exception from the credit hours criteria applies to graduating senior students during their final semester; where then the financial support award will be calculated in proportion with the number of registered credits.


Undergraduates who were granted financial support do not have to renew their financial support applications on yearly basis as long as they meet the above- mentioned criteria.
Undergraduates who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria must submit a financial support regaining form. Renewal of their financial support will be subject to an evaluation of their academic performance.
Students who received a financial support and encountered changes in their financial situation and wish to review their award amount will need to submit a petition form along with the supporting documents proving the change in their financial situation before the deadline.

Reviewing Awards

Students who received a financial support award and encountered changes in their financial situation and wish to review their award amount will need to pick up a petition form from the office of student services and submit it with supporting documents proving the change in their financial situation.