Mission and Values

Zewail City Mission


Zewail City of Science and Technology – with its five constituents: the University of Science and Technology, the Research Institutes, the Technology Pyramid, the Academy, and the Center for Strategic Studies – is designed to bring about effective participation in 21st century science, to elevate local technologies to an international level and to increase national productivity. We aim to contribute to building a knowledge-based society, founded on creative thinking through providing a merit-based education and engaging with the public at large, and integrating the challenge of a rigorous academic study, with the spirit of collaborative work and scientific discoveries.


Zewail City Values



The ability to perform with excellence, professionalism and high ethical conduct is the base for employment and promotion.



A clear vision supported by transparent strategies, policies, procedures and results ensures accountability.



Independent governance paves the way for independent thinking and innovation.



Science benefits greatly from collaborations among colleagues in local institutions and at the international level, across disciplines and in partnership with society and industry.


Impact and Engagement

Society benefits from science and the scientific approach, not only in increasing national productivity but also in fostering national pride and cultural development.